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Discover our wide selection of used trucks and used SUVs for sale at American Auto Brokers in San Antonio, TX

If you driving from San Marcos to New Braunfels, you'll pass by practically dozens of used car dealerships along the way. And while it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all used car dealers are created equal, that's far from the case. In fact, if you care about quality, selection, customer service, and great deals on the hottest lifted trucks for sale in San Antonio, then you owe yourself a visit to American Auto Brokers.

Why Choose American Auto Brokers for your next used truck?

From the very moment you set foot in our used truck showroom here in San Antonio, we want you to feel like you're shopping with a dealer that's cut from a different cloth than the competition. Of course, one of the main things that sets us apart from other used truck dealers serving the greater Schertz and Helotes area is the broad selection of used pickups you'll have to choose from when you shop with us.

Whether you're looking for a half-ton icons like the Ford F-150 or GMC Sierra 1500, have your sights set upon heavy-duty power with nameplates like Chevy Silverado 2500HD or Ford Super Duty, or even have an eye for altitude with our lifted Ram lineup, our showroom is bound to have something you're going to love driving on a daily basis. Plus, we pride ourselves on knowing our customers' needs and tailoring our selection to suit them. So, whether you're looking for the perfect work truck, a capable off-roader, or just something you'll be comfortable driving around the greater New Braunfels area on a day-to-day basis, we'll gladly serve up some competitively priced options that'll prove suitable to you.

But used pickup trucks aren't all we have to offer here at our San Antonio, TX dealership. In fact, over our many years in business, we've collected quite the stock of used SUVs and used lifted trucks for you to pick from. And with brands ranging from household staples like Honda and Dodge, you're sure to find the best fit for your budget when you shop with us here at American Auto Brokers.

Explore our latest deals on used truck financing here in the greater San Antonio, TX area

As any seasoned used vehicle shopper will tell you, finding a great deal is about so much more than just choosing a vehicle that you think best fits your lifestyle at an affordable price at any old dealership. In fact, if you're looking to get the best possible deal, you'll want to explore you financing options here at American Auto Brokers. From our streamlined solutions for applying for financing and getting a valuation on your trade-in online to our attractive specials on used truck financing for drivers from San Marcos to Helotes, our dealership is the first place you should turn to for cost-effective solutions to financing your next ride.

Pre-Lifted Trucks Available at American Auto Brokers

Are you ready to get lifted in Texas? Let's face it, you love your trucks, and since you're in Texas, a truck is almost a necessity on the roads of San Antonio and Helotes. Why? Because it's true what they say-everything is bigger in Texas. And, it goes the same for pickups. But, adding a lift kit to your vehicle might not be as easy as you think. Faulty lift kits and high expenses are two things that sway most drivers from adding the kit to their vehicle. But, there's another way to get it done at American Auto Brokers.

Why Buy a Lift for Your Vehicle

Yes, a lifted truck does look like a monster on the road in San Marcos. When you're high off the ground, traveling on the freeway, the feeling you get is second to none as a driver. You'll feel like you own the road with a lifted truck, but you don't want a lifted truck just for cosmetics. You want more out of it.

Lifted vehicles provide greater departure and arrival angles when you're off-road in Braunfels. That means less damage to your underbody and more versatility when you want to test the terrain. You'll also be able to add larger tires to your vehicle to increase traction and performance when you travel along the unbeaten path.

But, the problem comes when you try to find someone to perform the lift for you. It can take a while to find someone that can do an adequate job and perform what you need. And, when you find someone who can handle the tasks, it may cost more than what you bargained for. At American Auto Brokers, we cut out the middle man and present a pre-lifted truck that is high off the ground and ready to go today.


Buy it Lifted

Skip the hassle of finding someone to lift your truck. At American Auto Brokers, we provide a variety of lifted trucks that are ready to hit the road in New Braunfels. You can choose from used pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab, the Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn, Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew Cab, and more.

Our low-mileage inventory is primed and ready for you today at American Auto Brokers. And, if you want something a little more spacious for your off-road journeys, then we have lifted SUVs available as well. Our Chevrolet Tahoe LT and Chevrolet Tahoe Premier SUVs are lifted and ready for purchase today.

Financing Your Lifted Vehicle

Once you browse our full inventory of lifted trucks and select the one that suits you best, you can slide to our finance department for a loan. We work with various people with various credit backgrounds, so don't let your three-digit score keep you from applying at our dealership. You can skip the line and get pre-approved from your home in San Antonio.

We've made your financing process convenient from start to finish. After your pre-approval, you will be able to select the vehicle within your budget and move along through the process without interruption. Don't wait for someone else to claim the lifted vehicle that you want. Get started today, and we'll have you sitting higher on the road in no time.

American Auto Brokers

It's already done for you. No searching for someone to lift your truck or paying thousands of dollars to get what you want. Our pre-lifted trucks look good and are ready to hit the road today. Get pre-approved for your loan and find the vehicle you want before it's no longer available. We'll see you soon!

Visit our used truck dealership in San Antonio to take a test drive today

If you're interested in taking a test drive with one of the many competitively priced used trucks for sale at our dealership, we'd welcome the chance to serve you here at American Auto Brokers. Feel free to browse our selection online and if you see a deal you like, make sure to stop by to take advantage of it as soon as possible. While our offerings are numerous, they rarely stay around our San Antonio, TX dealership for long. Drop by today and see what has drivers from all over the Lone Star State shopping with us year after year.

**Please understand, we do our very best to describe in detail the condition of our vehicles, however, we are only human and these are used vehicles, therefore, American Auto Brokers, and their employees or agents will not be held accountable for errors or omissions in the description of the above vehicle or typographical errors in any of our vehicle listings. AMERICAN AUTO BROKERS MAKES EVERY EFFORT TO BE AS TRANSPARENT AS POSSIBLE WHEN OFFERING INFORMATION ABOUT THE INVENTORY ON OUR SITE.  WE WILL DISCLOSE WHAT WE KNOW AND WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED REGARDING EACH VEHICLE, WHETHER IT IS PAINTWORK, PERFORMANCE ENHANCING EQUIPMENT OR ALTERED EXHAUST / EMISSIONS.  WE DO NOT INSTALL ANY OF THIS TYPE OF EQUIPMENT, NOR DO WE TEST ITS PERFORMANCE.  IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED THAT YOU HAVE AN INDEPENDENT PRE-BUYER'S INSPECTION DONE.  WE DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE ONE DONE, HOWEVER WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FINDINGS AFTERWARDS SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO DISCARD YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE ONE DONE.  All vehicle options (power opts, cd players/changers, audio equipment, entertainment systems/dvd, navigation systems/nav dvd, etc), specs, features, color descriptions, history, paint history, maintenance records and manufacturer's warranty information should be researched and confirmed by the buyer or third party service before completing purchase. Helpful research information can be found at,,,, etc...
At our dealership we work very hard to accurately describe our vehicles through text descriptions and elaborate photos. We hand select each vehicle we put on eBay. The vehicle shown is ALWAYS the vehicle being sold.  Please look over the photos carefully as they are part of the description. When you purchase any pre-owned vehicle it is not a new vehicle. Any pre-owned vehicle can/will have normal wear, which may include, but not limited to, rock chips, scratches, scuffs, and minor interior wear, our policy is to disclose anything beyond that and we encourage pre-purchase inspections.  When fresh inventory arrives, we do our best to inspect all power options, DVD systems, audio equipment, NAV systems,  etc., however AAB will not be held liable or responsible for any of these items. ALL LIFTED AND FLAT BED UTILITY BED TRUCKS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE SPARES.   We will search and disclose paintwork.  However, please bear in mind that this is an imperfect science.  Also, you must note that often truck owners may choose to alter factory emissions and or exhaust to enhance performance or fuel economy.  We often do acquire trucks that have these performance enhancing equipment already installed.  This equipment may alter original emissions equipment or void factory warranties.  We do not test or alter this equipment.  If this is a concern of yours, please exercise your right to have a pre-purchase inspection prior to leaving your deposit.  Our sales staff is available to assist in answering any specific cosmetic questions and will gladly walk around a vehicle to give you a more accurate description BEFORE a deposit is left. We charge a documentation fee of $150. This is in addition to any state and local fees that may apply. Ultimately, it is up to the potential buyer to do their due diligence.  American Auto Brokers does not want to hide anything and we encourage everyone to have a pre-buyer's inspection done before purchase.
Note:  Our listing software provider allows the VIN to decode the ORIGINAL FACTORY EQUIPMENT that this vehicle had when it rolled off the factory line.  There may/may not be additional dealer equipment that was added by the original selling dealer that will not be listed in this section.  There may/may not also have items listed as original factory equipment that are no longer with the vehicle we are currently selling.  For example: 2 sets of keys, keyless entry remotes, owner's manual, factory floor mats, Navigation discs, first aid kits, factory tires/size/load rating, spare tires/factory tools and/or jacks, etc.  Please refer to the photos we have taken or ask us your specific concern to be certain there is no confusion.  We will not be responsible for any discrepancies between the Original Factory Equipment section and what is presented in the photos or description.  Please do not assume and allow us to put our answers to your specific concerns in writing.  Human error is possible and we reserve the right to reverse any sale based on pricing/listing error which can occur at any time without notice.  All inventory is listed for sale locally, therefore all are subject to sale at any time and may not be available. Everyone is encouraged to call with questions or concerns.