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Say goodbye to lingering germs and bacteria inside your vehicle.

DrivePur at American Auto Brokers in San Antonio TX

At American Auto Brokers, our #1 priority is to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services. That's why we're partnering with DrivePur to deliver a product that keeps the inside of your vehicle germ free and bacteria free for up to 6 months per use. We pride ourselves in selling quality used trucks and SUVs, but we know you might worry about who drove the vehicle before you. With DrivePur, you can rest easy knowing the interior of your vehicle is completely sanitized before you buy it and while you own it. Take a look at what makes DrivePur completely effective and free of toxins.

DrivePur is All Natural and Toxin Free

DrivePur uses sunlight, air and moisture to activate its proprietary formula made of water-based minerals. Drivepur Protection Systems was started by combining the power of titanium dioxide, chlorine dioxide and water to make a completely toxin free and natural protector for the interior of your vehicle. The best part? The formula is made to ensure that neither your vehicle nor your body can feel the effects of the sanitation taking place.

The Light Effect

Photocatalytic activity & antibacterial in combination with Ti02 activates a self-cleaning system.

The Moisture Effect

The DrivePur product is made up of Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) and Chlorine Dioxide (CI02). These are unique water-based minerals designed to purify surfaces with long-lasting effects.

The Air Purifying Effect

When bacteria, mold or mildew becomes air born the product attaches to particles and eliminates germs.

The Anti-Bacterial Effect

Our product destroys bacteria or suppresses their growth or their ability to reproduce for up to 6 months.

Using DrivePur Means Our Vehicles Are Truly Clean and Germ Free

Don't let a shiny car, truck or SUV fool you into thinking the vehicle is clean. While we always clean the exterior of our cars for our customers before they leave, we can assure you that American Auto Brokers has taken the extra precautions to make sure the interior is truly clean and germ free. Visit us today to go for a test drive and learn more. See you soon!


DrivePur FAQS

What is DrivePur?

DrivePur is a cleaning agent that combines many elements to sanitize your vehicle without the use of toxins, while also working as a natural protector for your vehicle.

Can I Purchase DrivePur at American Auto Brokers?

We provide DrivePur services at our dealership to help keep your vehicle clean and clear from bacteria, using the sun, air and water to purify surfaces both inside and out of the vehicle. You can purchase the product for yourself, or schedule an appointment to have your vehicle go through this process with our service team.

How Does DrivePur Work?

DrivePur uses sunlight, air and moisture along with titanium dioxide and chlorine dioxide to give your vehicle a toxin-free clean that not only looks shiny and new, but also protects you from bacteria for up to six months.

What is in DrivePur?

DrivePur uses titanium dioxide, which is a common element found in plants, animals and household products, plus chlorine dioxide which is used to disinfect drinking water, and wash food products. Both are toxin free, and when combined with water, it creates DrivePur. Only three ingredients to make a standout sanitary product.

What is American Auto Brokers Doing to Protect My Newly-Purchased Used Truck?

Every used truck or vehicle purchased from our showroom will receive a DrivePur cleaning to give you not only the shine of a newly-purchased ride but also the clean as well knowing you can buy with confidence that your used truck is providing you with a fresh and sanitary interior and exterior.


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