Buyer Protection From American Auto Brokers

used trucks in San Antonio - buyer protectionBuyer Protection? Why would a used car dealer worry about your protection?

Easy... we want you back!!

We sell a lot of used trucks online, and we understand this is not something you do every day. Lucky for you, the good news is that WE DO!

We understand that you will have questions, and we welcome them. Many of our customers have never bought a vehicle over the Internet before, and when it's your first time, it's a scary process. You've got to commit a lot of money to buy a vehicle that you haven't even seen in person... it can be pretty stressful. We understand how intimidating it can be, and our entire staff is at your disposal to answer any questions you might have.

There is no such thing as "too many questions." If you're wondering about any detail of your online vehicle purchase, from initial inspections to extended warranty protection, just ask us! We expect our customers to ask anything and everything about the process, so don't be shy! We have built our business on selling the best quality trucks online, and the reason we're so successful is that we work hard to make it an easy process for every single customer we have. Just ask us - we can assist with it all!